Sunday, November 12, 2017


Modelling------the thought comes in the mind when with camera having the subject in front and ur mind is at fix------relax there will be way out with great poses with your model, because, it is light which makes or mars the shaping of a good photograph with a beautiful girl in thought of lighting, which is of various kinds, have you ever thought of posing the same girl, which will make u a great photographer.

POSing is having or making different gestures, with judicious use of your equipments------your camera, lighting, background and the gestures, perspective (part of gestures) you expect from your model or think urself the outcome of a photograph, keeping distance from your camera to the model, she/he should be competent enough to follow directions of what you want to see in the ultimate image------the rights and wrong of posing techniques.

STatic posing can be avoided in good flexible body of the u can see in the above pose and think of how your eyes go on her waist, which turns the body to back in a decent manner plus her crossed hand makes the picture a beautiful 'model' picture....add to this the silent expression takes to your mind a different thinking ........there is slight tilting of the neck, another feather in the cap. ----Looking straight into the eyes with a turned shoulder and putting impression of tilting face slightly up putting weight on the spine has a good idea to have life in a model.----The background has been selected plain with a semi-dark cloth to take out the model away from the background, having full emphasis on her figure.

THe above eample is more akin to having avoid static poses........................The humab body is a fine example of symmetry, but it can get monotonous, if used unimaginatively.....Fo example, as I stated above the body looks best when it is at an angle with respect to the camera..

A pose can look stiff and boring if the shoulders are absolutely horizontal or if the hands are placed  at the same level of the body. Instead keep one shoulder slightly above the other. Do not stick the arms to the sides of the body. Also, body weight must be on one leg while the other leg should be used to enhance the overall figure/posing........Use hairlighting to show the model's distance from the background also separation of the model in a decent fashion.1
**True photography's success is in handling a camera, as u show your love to your other equipments**.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

KARWACHAUTH by silver screen stars...(post no.224)

1.......Sridevi, Raveena Tandon, Shilpa Shetty and many ladies from the Kapoor family were seen all dressed up at Anil Kapoor's house to celebrate the auspicious Karva (Karwa) Chauth. There are many pictures shared by the celebs on their social media accounts giving us a sneak peek into how they opened their day-long fast and we see their loving husbands all by their side too. TVbahus Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya to Kishwer M Rai or Kishwer Merchant too shared their look from the day. Scroll on.

2........We were happy to see a frame full of ladies including Shilpa Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Sunita Kapoor, Maheep Kapoor and many others.

3..........Another picture to entertain.

4..........Shilpa Shetty too shared this picture and captioned it as, "Awwwww @rajkundra9 , you are my “universe”😍Saw the pic of the moon in Amritsar (someone sent on the phone) This was a good idea considering no one in Mumbai could see itπŸ˜“πŸ˜°#karvachauth #memories #tradition #love #gratitude."
5................And Mini Mathur too shared her opinion about the fast. "Yes KC is a regressive concept. That women should fast for their husbands wellbeing without a reciprocal gesture is galling.. but there's something quite beautiful about keeping family tradition alive in today's world & the fun with which we mathur girls do it. I keep it mostly to keep my mom reassured that I'm still a good, honest wife and Basically think of it as a detox. It has my ma in law scurrying around me with great concern all day explaining why I should not follow customs that affect my health and jazz like that. Come evening, all of us wear our identical kayastha "Chunris" and meet for the pooja.. where we scoff at the story behind the festival (but we go through all the rituals anyway), laugh a lot.. tell the husbands they are not up to the mark, exclaim at the loudness of our sarees and tuck into a mathur feast. All in all.. I love the festivity more than the cause at hand. And yeah.. the husband lives πŸ‘¨πŸ»πŸ€žπŸΌ#karvachauth #mathur #tradition," posted Mini.

6.........TV's favourite couple Divyanka and Vivek Dahiya also celebrated the day. Vivek shared this post with caption, "With my moon by my side, the sky was full of rain and thunder. And so the fast finally had to be ended with the moon from the internet! #HappyKarwaChauth."
(ctsy.Indian Express Slideshows).

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Another chapter in child photography....(post no.223)

It is worth enjoying when we look at the child's face....FOR what she wants excuse?.Any excuse? She must have been scolded by her mom.
----Shooting children is interesting, as if u are standing of the beautiful flowers....There are several of expressions......That needs a good camera set-up, not necessary a costly one.....For amateurs, I will recommend compact cameras....or more interested ones go for DSLR.
----WHILE photographing children or any subject, remember, the camera NEVER LIES. The truth is in the chip u have in camera....or directly into the smartphones, a wonderful media, I think everybody is enjoying that. Even cheaper cameras give option of a camera. I have both in my pocket.
-----When u want to take a picture of a child, u would not want to disturb children from any activity they are engrossed in. A small compact camera will let u unintrusive. CAMPHOE too can help here. Just check that the lighting is good, like a tubelight at least.. a good compact camera can be a good toy too for small children, the saliva coming out of their mouth and they have innocent look,,,,,,just capture it with camphone.
To keep them engage to be photographed is to use bubble-blower or small mirrors to play, and shoot two faces like selfies....As the child grows, he/she may start giving good poses to u. Just enjoy that and send thenm to any newspaper or a magazine for publication.....................YOU can go out of your house and thus u will get lot of attention of different children........Just enjoy them, make them less camera conscious and take good pictures. Today the best toy is 'mobile phone'.....hello click.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What you think, u will get it here... ur knowledge to the high.(post no.222)

Other persons interested in photography art are sure to visit  here, suggest and take many things to heart for further experiments and new shoots.
---------------Here is a scene, work, not much done on photoshop.....if u like, the field is open for your shoots also.
A combination   of blue with yellow flower trees, the tree at left,  taking u inside and other element like neutral sky are the beauty of the picture, which u can get on a good tool in photoshop. I loved working on it and the end result gives me satisfaction..................................try urself....

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Thunderstorm...(post no.221)

...Raining clouds and there is thunderstorm.......good time to take groundnuts, sit, chew and digest.....The wind is so exciting.And few drops falling on face is making us melt.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Are U interested to hold camera?(post no.220)

An un interested photographer will never get a good photograph.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

LOW & HIGH KEY no.219.

-----------------------DAYLIGHT FOR HIGH KEY AND LOW-KEY PORTRAITS..------------------

-----for low kwy and middle key portraits, diffused daylight is the best as it is soft too. For such light, early morning or late afternoon sun is ideal for portraiture. Sunlight should fall on the face either at an angle or from one side to produce  a satisfactory low-key portrait. The background should be a plain light colored distempered wall, an open doorway, a plain curtain or even the blue sky, but always keep your model  at a long distance from it. Further, make the portrait at a larger aperture so that the background will be out of focus and at the same time  there will be a good separation between the model and the background.

----For high key and middle key portraits the shade of the verandah with a white wall as background  and bright sunshine outside is most suitable. Thia will provide a shadowless soft lighting for the well as for the background.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 no.218.

THERE IS LOW-KEY LIGHTING, NORMAL (AS U SEE IN PHOTOS) AND HIGH-KEY LIGHTING....Here I used low-key lightin in this profile portrait....The light was on spot-light from side-back, so I cud get the outlines of my face structure.....
-----Whether u use a compact or DSLR, YOU MUST KNOW EACH the light was coming from back and affecting the lens of the camera, I covered with a black sheet held by my left hand.Thus, u will know that u are not wasting much of ur time and losing control on lighting.
-----Look at the expressions, as you are ur own master here....However, there is no restriction....u can use as many emotions as u can and finalize the best ones.....Some  homework can be done on your computer or mobile with online photoshop facilities to make it a choice of ur portrait......Keep some space in front as u can set ur eyes with some space in the frame, not juxtapositioning the face with frame......YOU can take help of friends or ur spouse, in case u cannot handle in a single mood....this will help a lot to get the result what u want without any tension.
-----Reg. low-key pix the background tend to be darker while as opposite in high-key pix, the bg is shown to be white with subject in the same tone................just try.

Saturday, July 1, 2017 no.217.

EXPRESSIONS, EMOTIONS, BODY LANGUAGE, SENSUALITY (BETTER FOR FEMALES OR YOUNG GUYS), MOODS AND MOMENTS, BESIDES IMPORTANTLY IN ORIGINAL TONES OR IN HIGH KEY OR LOW KEY TONES...... like the above portrait taken in low key mood, using spot light and at left of the face a little bit filling by the side wall....It can be self-satisfying or can be used in magazines or exhibitions, as it fulfil the norms of an artistic presentation.....this type of portrait is best taken indoors, since the light is in ur control.....Outdoors also in winter, the sun is soft and u can use the light to good effect.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Balloonwala on the street,caught in action (post no.216) to enlarge.(Balloonwallah on street)
..........THE TITLE I put here ''balloonwallah on street'' as u are learning photography. Here I used zoom lens to strengthen contrast between dark (on his face) and the balloons.....I think, what I got is well executed.....see the trumpeteer and the balloons.Next is position of the person. He is at balance with the object he is carrying, that is the reason, I put him at the one side and  balancing with the more attractive balloons. Thus I get a complete picture.
         Generally I use Aperture priority setting on my camera, that is helpful to me to read the subject and accordingly set the shutter speed....Sometimes because of low light, the shutter speed gets show, inviting shake of the picture, then I increase the aperture to let the correct light in, exposing the photo perfectly. Here meter reading is important that is built in your camera. In the beginning, u may run slow but as u are conversant with the settings, u will run, paying more attention to the photograph............................
.....................................................................////////// continue

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

sunset, to its extremes--I mean size.of no.

I put it in the frame and it gives unique view......naturally also we keep the sun below near the skyline.....sun at so low, still the frame is looking well balanced. The balance is the middle open space and a single crow coming a long way.....I did not want clash between the crow and the kept the crow lowest possible tone, when a viewer critically looks the picture in an exhibition or a magazine.....closure in magazine....with distance in an art show rendering a beautifully compositional look.


Friday, May 12, 2017

A portrait in low key.(post no.213)

A good face, having light from back in a verandah.....I wanted to catch highlights of his glass, nose, right temple and today's trend of having beard by the young boys.......Besides being all, I felt his face with a piece of smile worth photographing....the bg though slightly distracting is support to the though it is a park scene, yes as it is. just look long distance background......his shirt does not attract from his face that is a plus point.///////////////////Regarding posture 3/4th as usual in making a picture....the pic is in low-key tone, the highlights make good contours.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Not writing a book, but bringing ur photography easy.(post no.212

Do I seem to be so shy........My friend is watching me...My grandfather, took this photograph....................yea friend, this is just kids photography........just I will be right back. good night.