Thursday, March 9, 2017

SALMAN TO LAUNCH ''SMART PHONES'' against Xiaomi, Vivo(post no.830)

Bollywood star Salman Khan is delving into a new venture and this time it's asmartphone business. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Dabangg starrer who also owns the Being Human clothing brand has reportedly registered 'Being Smart' trademark for his smartphone venture.
It's still unclear if he'll take a direct majority shareholding or involve his family for ownership.
He has been in talks with several investors for his venture and is building an operational management team that may be headed by an executive with leadership experience in Samsung and Micromax, reported the Economic Times.
Khan has even selected a Chinese plant for the initial models which may run on Android operating system. The report suggests that the phones will fall below the price tag of Rs 20,000.
Once kick started, Being Smart will compete with Chinese companies like Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, according to reports.
The proceeds from the venture, like Being Human clothing line, will be directed to charity and social work carried out by the star's Being Human Foundation.
The smartphones will be sold online before it enters retail chains, or even Being Human stores.
Salman Khan had previously indicated his idea to enter the smartphonebusiness two years ago.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Close-ups and journalistic PHOTOGRAPHS(post no.208)st no.

A photo to look at.....I have cropped it to give a macro or closeup look----a general practice amongst the photographers....In this we get the essential elements out of a boring photographs.....Yes observing critically is important.....Subjects are many but to sort out and present it in a decent way makes it worth a photograph to be displayed in exhibitions......Please remember, many of the photographers shoot good pictures and are satisfied  by uploading in forums and thus carry on with the best of photographs going as waste.

My intention to explain in short to take part in exhibitions, send photographs to editors of magazines, who are always at look out for good publishable photographs,which are of public interest. Thus you can earn money too. Many amateurs and semi-professional photographers are working out at this hour for coming days/week's/or Sunday photographs to send for publications in coming issues of journals...............Just try, instead of sitting idle, thinking of money value ur photographs may earn to promoto u to go for more better photographs and to be a renowned photographer or a journalist.

-------I have a friend of since 40 years, who is at Jhansi covering the elections.....means he has good earning, when he returns with outstanding photographs for local and other journals, he will be getting good amount for his labour..................................good luck and see u next............

Sunday, January 15, 2017


APERTURES IN UR HAND.....While dealing with ur camera and making it ready to shoot pictures....the knowlwdge of Apertures is essential.....what the camera is producing thru which means.......Above are the APERTURES (holes) in the camera, which are operated in combination with Shutter Speed and made of steel blades....

Top is the largest aperture the modern cameras have or old lenses had. i.e.f1.2, next the light passing capacity is reduced and the light will pass thru aperture f1.4, half of the above the number is increasing and the aperture is
                                                                           f11 and
                                                                           f64.......THEY DEPENDING OF THEIR USE on Shutter Speed and the ISO speed on camera as per the lighting Shutter speed.......continue.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Some basics again to refresh ur memory.(post no.206)o.

Today's attraction are Digital cameras, having a memory card capable of thousands of photographs in just rupees two hundred.....THE first card of least capacity of 500MB, in the initial stages of d-photography, I had to pay Rs.1600/-.. Now photographers keep with them 4GB to 64GB with least prices.

1. When u get a camera of ur choice, there are three key points u need to know and understand to come to try with the art of photography.
1.1...APERTURE:.......It is the opening in the lens that allows light to fall on the sensor, built into the camera receiving images thru aperture. If u move further u will come to understand that the larger the aperture (in simple terms - a hole) the more the light that falls on the sensor. and vice-versa.....Sensor has taken place of films. In the initial stages in 80s,90s, scientists thought of amalgating the film and sensor, both in a camera, but failed, then moved to sensor during the change of revolution in technology.
                                   A lens aperture is represented by f/numbers. As mentioned above in vice-versa, the larger the f no. the smaller the lens opening and the larger the opening, the smaller will be f no. e.g. f1,2, f1,4, f3,5, f5.6 etc....the light will reach the sensor as the lens aperture opens or closes...........................................continue......comments if any.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Ethics in photography....(post no.205)

The bird is sad, so I. Recently… outstanding picture is removed in a forum, where I sometimes visit and was impressed by the effort of the photographer……The photo is appreciated, but somehow, the author has removed it, in which a mother bird was feeding its child……..It was removed from the site, in the name of ethics. Ethics shd be thought before or after displaying the art form. regretting decisions not after the act has been performed. The ‘ethics’ was that the photographer went too close to the bird, forgetting that once clicked, printed forever and that too for common people to understand wildlife.
fIRST if I cud understand the meaning of ethics, after the act was done and the act is within the norms of viewing by common man. I wondered, the knowledgeable persons got it removed, which showed a normal way of life of the birdies, my love. The lapsed time iust never returned, but the thing u aquired is or shd be within the reach of normal people, when it is public platform and once shown with super comments……when photographer gets the super comments, where do I fall wrong……….The world is taken in its stride, and I am happy that I cud express my feeings…….(I am sorry I cud not copy the pic.)……..The above picture is of my loveable normal household bird,  is  who who is clamouring that saying her heart.
Here I wud be pleased to put Ethics good example is while photographing the celebrities/stars outdoors by the photojournalisrs for their lovelihood and the example belongs to a foreign country, where the celebs challenged and threatened journalists for police action, compensation,shooting them……The Hon’ble Court cud’t refuse for not shooting the complainants, but, did demarcate a line that such celebe cud be shot on public places keeting distance of 10ft. and in some serious cases, 3ft, and  the celebs/royals/stars cud not deny the liberty of press.
The first duty of photojournalist attached to newspapers, magazine, if encounters an accident, within seconds, he takes the shot of site and immediately run for rescue….later finishing his job a bit slowly and gettig the pictures to his fast as he cud for first publication……kudos friends, keep awakening.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Simplicity in creatures....(post no.204)

Why don't u go closeup like this. The simplicity of her face tells a lot about human sentiments with three dimentional effect......just enjoy  and Nikon SLR with long lens....Since her face is diagonal, I selected square frame.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

PANORAMA Photograph.(post no.203).

Just click the photo to view it bigger......It is a PANORAMIC view of our lake....with single boat with passengers and another is waiting with a stone right side which make another element to stop ur eye from the extended view of the lake........PANORAMA is an extended view of a massive scene, which gives another beautiful frame to the picture, gathering the important elements in a photograph......Cropping essential portion can make a good Panorama picture as above....................which was then converted into a fisheye effect as taken by camera on the Photoshop. Many compacts and other cameras include 'panorama' as an essential part of the camera providing opportunity to the photographer to take advantage of the 'panorama view', and enjoy the thrill of ur pictures.....................There is a lot to read in previous posts. Advantage of that can be taken too.

Camera D3000 Nikon....Aperture priority, as is my habit.