Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fly macro in homes.

Wow...can't this fly be your friend, yes why can't.........It sticks to your home walls, particularly in rainy season.....Here you wud like to feel a deserving  photographer yourself....The macro feature is in your camera....generally as close as 1 cm....So using this feature will make you more confident, what you can achieve in photography from small objects like house fly onwards, just to mention.......

-There was low light in the room so I used on camera flash....The Fuji S4000 read as 1/60 at aperture f5.2, ISO 64.....This is a good feature on this camera going below ISO 100, giving you further better resolution and definition...So cropping enlargements are easier with 10 MP to 14 MP cameras....The body details came well and good defining of the wings.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Talkative bird....!

The humans talk and it is said for ladies that they talk too much (with due apology)....Here I photographed this 'johnny' (I forget the birds' names-I will hv to note down)...she is speaking something to its kin even at the cost of its prey....We daily hear the birds' voices...but the bird watchers may understand their language....It is talkative like us....there are people when they start talking, I hv to close my ears.
--The bird is photographed in Aperture priority mode....I have to do little post-processing to make it slightly brighter...Since I move less in jungles, they are caught on the electric wires in our mohalla, occasionally....THERE r great benefits of digital cameras....Now after exposing thousands of films, it looks easier to shoot on the memory cards, since the rest of things remain like film cameras, later introduced as 'AUTO' cameras by Nikon, Canon, Pentax etc.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Focal point in a picture.

It is difficult to make a focal point i.e. point of attraction to give picture a pictorial effect....Though, many a times, novices or enthusiasts shoot, they cover most of the picture area as is seen in the viewfinder...Yes there may be many elements in a picture....But as said, the less the elements the better the picture. The purpose of telling this is that when a photograph is viewed, the eyes should stop at a particular point that looks more interesting than the whole of picture....I do not mean, the whole picture may not look good....There are good landscapes, which keep the attention tied or portraits from where u cannot remove your eyes without appreciating the photographer.

Yea, I am telling of centre of interest (there are many names for a point of interest, as u may think).....However, there are colours in a colour photograph or a point well defined as a rule of thirds in black & white photograph, where u stay longer....In colours, the orange or red are most popular colours, which catche instant attention, as in the picture above....Next the stairs also lead the eye to my grandson, who is interestingly seeing in the camera, my daughter clicked.....In next shoots u will have this in mind, as everybody is not a born or immediate expert photographer as the knowledge paves its way slowly to the interested ones.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Portrait at window pane-candids & posed.

THE picture is an example of window glass panes, how you can remould them for a portrait...The beautiful girl was standing near the window, when I asked her to come closer to the window and put her face near the glass...Wow I got a good filter effect and this is my favourite photo...However I am at a loss, because the original pixels came down to the present image in a image editing software....So please check in the editing softwares....the 'original' and pixels at 'maximum'....the image editing window sometimes shows as 800x600 pixels and if that is clicked then  u get lost your beautiful image resized to smaller pixels, never to  get a bigger print or image on the computer screen.....And if it is a batch editng, all the images are brought down, and a guilt always remains in the heart.....However, do not stop in catching better portraits as it is a continuous process with all around different faces.....hahaha.....even leaving candids sometimes and posed portraits, u have to be honest with prior approval of the person being photographed. ...so go ahead and get beautiful/strange faces on your camera sensor.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zoomed and painting effect on an image

Photo zoomed and then painting effect was given in photoshop tools, they can make anybody a mechanical painter, without use of brush....Yes U TOO CAN QUENCH YOUR THIRST OF HAVING PAINTED ON A CANVAS..Canvas painting is more expensive, and for that, u have to be a painter, handling brushes,colours on a pallette. But after shooting a photograph, it is easy to handle many tools for different effects (one, u have already seen of a bike pen-sketched in this album).....Zooming needs slower shutter speeds, that can be done in the evening at 1/8,1/4 or even slower. In daylight u will have to use 4X to 10x ND filter to control the lighting for slow shutter speeds. In picture, the left side patches are from the openings in tree....The centre point is made by the lamp-shade on a wall....Just try and you will have publishable results from many locations with, lights, colours etc.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Portraits lighted by Sun.

THE sun is as powerful a source of portrait or any kind of lighting the subjects, as you face in day to day life....The shooting of the portraits is to reveal the inner personality of the model you are photographing. Lighting plays an important role, whether from sun, under shadows or in a studio. Framing a portrait is also an important factor, as in the above portrait of my grandson, who is in the catnapping mood during the noon of cold days of January.....Just a bit....we leave the space in front of a portrait to have a good composition. 0h.....if he had the eyes open, I wud have preferred to leave space in front, or to give a different look, as I composed, I wud have liked the same that since only the half face is lit in the verandah and composing this way does not mar the effect of the mood the guy is in!....The photographer gets ample opportunities from October to March from the angled sunlight for any damn subject in India (sorry, I CANNOT GESTICULATE THE LIGHTING CONDITIONS IN OTHER COUNTRIES)....Take any camera, zoom or move back/forward and find out your subjects in various moods....The shot is at 70mm of a 70-300mm lens at f5 on a DSLR.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Depth Of Field---how to feel and obtain?

The flowers are galore but all are not sharp....In photography language, it is a matter of DEPTH OF FIELD.....In other words, DOF is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a photo/scene, that happens acceptably sharp in an image...
2) The DOF is affected by the camera-to-subject distance, lens focal length, f /no.on the lens.
3) Small DOF is called 'Shallow focus' and large DOF as' Deep focus.'.
4) The photo I selected here is to show the DOF at almost maximum f/no  and here it is f4 on a 70-300 lens and distance from lens to subject is 10 ft.....You will find the middle of the flowers (importantly one with bud) is in focus and the nearest and farthest are out of focus....Had I gone back by 5ft more, a little bit DOF more cud be achieved....This is a shot but experiment, but when u photograph such situation with 70-300, u can keep your lens aperture at f8 or f11 to get sharper flowers to get more DOF...Next as the front is most important and comes before the eye first....Focus on the front flowers..if it is sharp and bg somewhat out of focus, it will support the eye view front first and diffused flowers will act as a wall behind.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Moon at the evening time.

Moon is the most photographed planet, near to earth.....The shot I took on last Akadashi...I MEAN 4 DAYS BACK AT the evening time at 5.46. p.m. The sky was slight dart blue, but to bring out the details of the moon, the sky had to go little bit darker.....camera Fuji S4000...expo. 1/2000 at f.8...ISO 400....THE IMAGE CROPPED TO BRING IN MIDDLE.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Story Telling Picture--what u need on street?

In day to day photography, and particularly in street photography, the ''story telling'' pictures have their unique place. They are immediate editors' pick. You cannot avoid, there may be many ingrediants in the photograph...but just think you are 150ft away from the subject and expect to change the angle.....No doubt this picture is shot from a distance and not dead sharp, but I cud not take the risk of children pouring in looking at the camera and distracting the attention of the tired ladies, just stayed under a tree for rest and the work they are involved....The simple gist is 'not to miss the opportunity' or be overthinking to miss the shot....My first motto is to press the shutter release, rest may be seen, when at least few pictures are recorded.....Yes here the longer zoom helped....Go on the street and u will find many things interesting.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Folk-singer portrait-What more needed?

There is a reason posting this image for which it is a bit weak image....Cud u think? The guy is a folk singer at a tourist place. As happens, we generally move with our cameras without switching on inbuilt flash or where the hot-shoe is there, we avoid fixing on camera flash....May be other people's attention is distracted??..Here,.the eyes look dull without a sparkle....In faces, the eyes are the main force to depict a picture. Had I used an oncamera flash, I cud be able to reduce some harsh shadows on face also....So technically, it is not a perfect picture, as I feel...and let u know..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Close Up of Singhada.

The fruit is called 'singhada' and is water harvested...The sellers cur\t two sides and from front we open the shell and bring out the coconot...a very mild tasty.....While thinking of close up photography, I was attracted to the shell and nature made a good design inside the hard shell....Any subjects look good can make fine closeups.

Monday, January 2, 2012


I always liked to grey background for my portraits even....cool and undisturning colour....Many time photographers get confused about the bgs......here is my answer a pale to darker ash grey......It rather helps to push up many primary or secondary colours and well balances them.....I put side lighting...and composition pov the bud stands loudly and the rest of reds are subduedly supporting her....