Tuesday, February 28, 2012

See around you even close on the walls and don't neglect....?

Do you ever see around on the walls....not so far, please make it a habit....There are good subjects for macro photography....I am not talking costly macro photography, where you need an independent macro lens costing thousands or you have a lens reversal ring or a set of extension tubes to go more close to the subject.....as you see here the picture has its own objective force, and since the fly was of 5mm long, you may be enamoured to shoot it.with your compact or a prosumer camera having facility of closeups upto 1 cm to 3 cm or a DSLR kit lens with 5 inch away from the object....Yea, I used 3 cm facility and opened the inbuilt flash as there was very dim light needing a tripod and a good eyesight,with longer exposure, and how many takes.......hahaha....not a joke---catch it anyhow even to amuse yourself....yes use the minimum of ISO in order to crop the insect, where necessary......Exposure mode -Programmed.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Suspension Bridge photographed for U.

I know  you go to outdoors, picnics, sightseeing with family and friends.....Hay...And u take with you your compact camera and/or mobile as I see several people hindering peoples' way, shooting pictures of friends and foes.....oh sorry, not foes but families....more with mobiles and the youngsters are more to count.....Here I shot Suspnsion Bridge, just giving an angle so I could stretch or show as long as I can....See the other end, a mile away?//....No just  nearly a furlong away from the first two giant pillers....HOWEVER IT IS NOT SUSPENDABLE BUT CONCRETED......FROM PHOTOGRAPHY POV, IF U MISS THE BOAT, HOW ACKWARD THE BRIDGE WILL LOOK...Wait for some time, as I did here including a boat and the picture looks more interesting...the left bank show the distance, as if u get stand your friend here, how much distant the bridge will look.......For camera persons: Auto on compacts will work well....Here I used a DSLR with 18-55 lens...Av mode----exposure 1/1000, f11, ISO 200...VIGNETTE AT BOTH SIDES-LEFT TOP AND BOTTOM-RIGHT ENHANCES THE CENTRE......Small lessons in SMALL PICTURES....YEA, Small in size.....
2)Next time too pl remember to shoot enriching your ordinary or digital albums with more memorable pictures.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Harsh Winter This Year-A Portrait.

It was a difficult winter this time......To close yourself in a room with heater may be  different....But people with hot bodies go through it easily.....However for children u have to be more cautious....as in the picture, viewing TV was a difficult task....Such instances are galore in every home....why not catch the live in HD video or in stills to make a memorable photo with good colours of homewalls.....just see it as a colourful winter caged photo and enjoy the thrill.....Shot with Nikon DSLR-kit lens on aperture priority mode holding the camera on the table....See the blurred foreground immediately leads eyes to the guy.....The right hand is a stopper while left hand is a supportive one to the face......Colour clarification--the purple at the left is catchy, but the purplish red of the shawl is stronger to fix ur attention in the centre, the blue at right too becomes weak and fetches eyes back. The orange leopard design wool cloth is too a secondary but still contending with the red above.The light creamy at back centre becomes a standstill colour.....This is my opinion...Others may differ.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home Fly-insects

There are several breeds of home-fly....This one was sitting on carpet, details of which are also seen below her.....Used auto feature on camera with macro facility of three cms.....yea if u are insecte lovers and wud like to stock them....it is one of them....My duty was to bring her existence to your knowledge.......just bless her!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Low Key Portraits - Simulated SUNLIGHT.

Portraits are generally divided as normal light portraits, lit normally, low key or high key portraits....In low-key portraits, the dark areas dominate, while in high-key, it is light toned with few blacks. ....Back sunlighted portraits are more appreciated since the sun makes a halo or rim lighting effect on the areas it falls...This was shot by a 70-300 mm lens with a spotlight in my home studio.....The camera was set on Av mode and metering on 'evalutive,....therefore the meter also read the hightlights and gave me a correct low-key toned portrait....In photography language it is called simulative sunlight., as though u are shooting sunlighted objects........Just read about metering...it helps a lot.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FORCED FLASH feature in Dcams.

Do u photograph on street....I mean in sunlight....The sunlight photographs are good in the morning, evening, by sidelight, and even against light. But the portraits at noon are difficult to establish full details on the face....as happens here....I know many of u are not professional artists or do know of many techniques while photographing at noon. I feel sorry I had no on camera flash and the film camera I used had no built in flash....The most important of the subject, the eye-sockets have gone dark Therefore the subject lacks the natural look of a good portraiture...NOW with D-Cameras the difficulty has been reduced to nil since all D-cams can use the feature 'FORCED FLASH' even in sunlight....The simple thing is that u have to remember to use the feature----because while photographing in overhead sunlight----u have not to see, what  you see, but u HAVE TO FEEL what camera sees.......TRY it and you will thank me!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Angled sunlight in winter.

By all means, you are at liberty to shoot indoors/outdoors at any time of the day, throughout the yeat....In summer with harsh sunlight, in rainy season,with overcast sky and in winter with the directional and softer sunlight.....as happened in the photograph.....The halo or rim lighting effect is naturally got like a spotlight in a studio with sun only one light source and filling the dog's shadows with reflected light at its right from the road and the wall.....I used Aperture priority, with half stop compensation, which I generally fix on my monitor, particularly to avoid washed out light, as may happen sometimes.......Still time is there to click more of angled sunlight.....wishing all the best.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Flower composition.

BEAUTY is everywhere.....to behold needs the craving eyes.....The picture is of artificial flowers....The  camera was on top in available light, on aperture priority mode, ........Coincidentally, there was a flower at the side, which is on top after rotation of the image, giving totally different look to the photograph....I added vignette and frame just to have more attention on the object and give it depth....which is one essential  point in composition of an artistic photograph....Therefore the weight is below on other flowers and petals and the focal point takes the viewer to the top flower......The points are of my thoughts on the subject.....Yes u can opine in the comments tag below....or FB www.facebook.com/gshroti.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes it is hard to click?

OUR MOTHER EARTH IS FULL OF STRANGE THINGS, ENVIRONMENTS, CAREFUL FOR IT INHABITANTS.....THEREFORE, U MAY SEE THE SQUIRREL EXAMPLE, who mixes with the tree trunk or other surroundings....the green creatures get shelter in green plants,woods to save them from cruelty of humans.....The guy above was in such state, a distance of 25ft, having visibility to some extent mixing with the surroundings.....It made me felt hard luck, as the autofocus was difficult,having no manual ability in the machine....Thnx to the system, I got hold of it anyhow...looks he was aware of being say 'cheese'.....get more from ur nearby places.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photoshop tools.....Photography an Art.

Do  you like your photo not to lose its beauty? Yes many times it happens that we delete our out of focus or slightly blurred photographs...There are many tools in photoshop to give them different look, because once you shoot the picture and the image deleted, the moment will not return again....sorry, as it happens with everybody and even me....The flower above is from an artificial category...therefore to expect from the picture to give a natural look is as impossible as trying to blow out a whistle from closed lips.....I thought it better to crystalize the gem and you cannot recognize the difference from a natural or an artificial flower....the colours are spread out beautifully and a star is born...hahaha....there is lot to say!!!....yea u will see more pictures gone through the photoshop procedures....TAKE PHOTOGRAPHY AS AN ART.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Morsel--a mother's affection.....

PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN ALL PURPOSE ACCOUNT OF LIFE, LOVE,HAPPINESS,JOYS, SORROWS, GLOOM ETC....WHATEVER NAME YOU GIVE TO THE FEELINGS....Moreso, it is faithful recording of facts happening around you and other people....hahaha....lets us not forget the pets, other animals, birds, and other known/unknown inhabitants, that affects major part of each other's living.....

The picture is a 'morsel' the mother feeds, when children insist or out of affection...So catching this in camera is a joy, that may happen any time of the day....just you have to be ready with good ideas to implement them through the camphone or any other type of cameras, you own.....This is my favourite picture.....You are at liberty to make your favourites, put in albums or web-albums to relieve tension....yea, they say viewing good personal photographs of families and friends brings out the tension out of your mind and you get releived.....Ohhhh.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wide Angle Lens--most effective in getting closer & getting unusual effects.

Would u like to look at your car as a giant machine.....not difficult....at closure look, use the wide angle lens of your camera, in case of Bridge or compacts the widest focal length the mfgr has provided...may be 24mm,28mm....there r super wides too...so u can view the effect on LCD screen for maximum effect.....

THE WIDE ANGLES LENSES have a larger field of view and a very short focal length---thus covering more of the areas....They have greater DOF helping to get sharper picture till last end...THEY R greatly useful for taking pix at narrow places besides creating unusual effects, As I have done in the picture with 24mm lens.....Does it not feel more amazing than the shot with a normal lens or zoom in mid range...

In older language, the process is called foreshortening of an image....Just go close in other things, in portaits and get unusual and sometimes entertaining effects....best of wides!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Story-telling pictures---click with any camera.

A picture tells a story....There are many story-telling photographs when you move around your surroundings....Yea, one story-telling picture is worth 1000 words....The children find out ways for study, may be it a car's boot....I think, in the picture, the guy is more comfortable from other home disturbances.....It is not wait and watch, but wait and study.....Here too any camera will help you to do a good job of capturing children....doesn't matter, if the whole picture is sharp.....There may be idea of using a long zoom lens getting the bg more out of focus...but many a times if the picture is overall sharp, it helps a lot to understand the picture....Here the attention is on the face, the book and from lower to the green top...just simple.