Friday, December 21, 2012

Preparing for Photography Competition--5 (post no.104)

THE THEME:  The theme is generally categorised as Colour Prints, B&W Prints, Nature Prints(flowers,birds,raptiles,macro of these etc), Wildlife Prints(Animals of jungle, birds, crocodile etc), Travel Prints, Photojournalism, Digital Imaging etc. Digital Imaging is the new category included in the competitions. However, the organisers specify that the print shd have originality of the subject with few tools of photoshop used. They need the sanctity of the image, not a mutilated image.

2) Check the lighting of your picture. It shd look realistic...Avoid snapshot camera flash look. While outside or inside, make the light works well according to a competition category. This can be decided while shooting, the angles of lighting, harshness,softness of lighting. It shd not kill the subject. If necessary use reflectors, like a white towel, cloth, newspaper. thermocol, wall etc. To slightly darken the subject, use of black reflectors may also help,like black cloth,card sheet etc.

3) PRESENTATION OF PRINT IS ALSO AN IMPORTANT POINT....Care shd be taken when sending the print to lab...U shd personally instruct the lab technician to further crop image and the tonal range,colours u want in the final print,if u get a proof first. Poor quality of prints have no excuse before a judge and ur print may see a corner of the table......The competitions generally need unmounted prints. But still some photographers send their prints duly mounted. If u think so, use proper mounting, clean cut cardsheets, masks, cardboards...Check the prints of any spots. They shd be duly finished.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Preparing for Photo Competitions--4 (post no.103)

PICTORIAL TOUCH:...This is ur artistic capability in regard to having a good use of balance, colour, composition,cropping and creative use of space. The photo should  have a good use of contrast i.e. neither the effect shd be dull nor the highlights washed out.....In normal terms a correct tonal range, showing details in the highlights and shadow areas, so the judges have the option to give ur pic full marks....There are normally 3 judges so if 2 agree on a print, it is selected for further comparison with more effective photographs. Therefore,keeping in mind the above, your print shd not lag behind.

In the above picture, I used cropping...Since she is a prominent danseuse, she is kept in centre, surrounded by other fellow dancers (u can see around her)....Her pose is diagonal -most important to depict the sense of dynamism-her important dress and the whites of other dancers have the folding details.....that tell the story that they are the part of a troupe and in action....that is the balance. Her eyes not looking into the camera but where her concentration shd be, i.e. immediately to get up for another steps...The colour of her face shows the originality of the make up plus the well saturated colours of her dress, so the viewers' eyer stay there.Important also are ''LEADING LINES'' (AN IMPORTANT PART OF A COMPOSITION)....The hand(of another dancer above), the lyrical designs of other dancers' dresses all account to her. Even if u move to right to another of her colleagues's hand, u will hv to come back to her forceful continue

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Preparing for Photo Competitions--3..(post no.102).

To go further for preparation for photo competitions.....There are simple rules to guide you to be a better photographer to be able to make your name in photo competitions...thus winning the hearts of judges, the audience, the newspapers, magazines and to obtain photographic degrees/diplomas in exams. There are hundreds of schools, colleges having photography as a full time course.

Just come along to look for things in your photographic entries:::. IMPACT: Your photograph has a main subject with other elements. When the audience view it, they shd stop and say 'vah', but make every effort to give full attention to the main subject avoiding the less important or distracting objects. However, ultimately, they shd have the full picture in mind with good composition...that is ur success.

As in the above photograph, there is impact of boats, creativity of making a triangle, the main centre of interest-- the boatman approaching the halting boats, supporting boats lying vacant, the reflection in water to say 'vah', dull evening light to make mood for boating, leading lines of small ripples take attention to the human element, whole perspective as an artist painted the view etc.

CREATIVITY: Your picture shd make the viewer think how u achieved your photographic image, if he is a photographer, he will think of focal length, the shutter speed and aperture u used, with ISO rating according to ur choice and lightings conditions. continue

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Preparing for Photo Competition.......(post no.101).

While submitting a photograph for competition, you may be in the thinking of telling the judges/experts that this is my best work and I can do no better.....haha...Is it true?....No it is not if you seriously believe that it can be further improved....You belie yourself if u say that u cannot improve...Improvement skills are there in your mind, thinking in the direction to make picture much better.

2) In case ur picture is critiqued, try to remake, crop, tint or redo into the style the judge/expert has recommended....Imp: AFTER you have done over the comparing  both photographs, previous one and another made on the lines/guidance suggested by the judge/expert, to understand that you hv a learning experience.If you are confident, then the competitions are for you....However, even during the year, if there is no competition and you make pictures regularly, there is no wait for judging in the competition. Are there no people/experts in you club,vicinity whom you respect for their knowledge and ability? Have advantage of their wisdom. YOU will be surprised, how easily and happily  they agree to offer you help and guidance and eagerly share their skills....That is the battle half continue.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Preparing for Photo Competitions.(post no.100).

Photo competitions are good platform showcasing your art in public....There may be excitement of getting recognition, awards, or to be declared a 'winner'.....Yes, it is there. But still, before taking part in a competition, which is arranged by your local club or outside it should be primarily the purpose to see if your photography is improving and what the judges think about the efforts u made to improve the photograph and observe and learn from the comments they give on your photograph (this is generally for beginners to know from judges the shortcomings, if the competition is held locally or near ur town)...A competition is primarily a learning experience. Yes, the acceptances, awards will certainly increase your popularity amongst the art lovers and the public, which will make you a known figure through newspapers, magazines.

2) Good photography is not difficult but certainly the 'great' photography will need a lot of more efforts, which may compel you to think whether you are really desirous to work at it and learn how to take better pictures....If ur answer is 'yes', then there is no better time to start studying, learning how to take a better picture than from now continue