Thursday, October 29, 2015


They are real stars ........Do u feel? Mannequins.......Yes they r the stars of the shop. You cannot pass in the shop without having a look at them.....When I first saw these, I was enamoured, as though they are really standing before me. However.......I said 'Hello' and had few minutes chatting with them.....The shopkeeper and the ladies around felt amused, when I clicked them...Now they understood, why I was talking to them. ......For their light, hairs, their curves, it was all attracting.

---FIRST is a  frontal portrait, lighted very nicely with diffused light from the inside window....This is side lighting enhancing her right features.....This light we obtain in studio from the soft box, which I did hundreds of times by self or demand of the ladies, after viewing other portraits. .....
.------Her face is half oval...that is her beauty....however in lighting terms, it is broad light, making her face a bit more wide. The short light suited her best, but that needed change of angle slightly.She is conscious and has silent emotions........An obedient girl.

2. Here comes the heroine......she has normal face, with side lighting enhancing her feature....This is short lighting making her face more charming.....I love her more than her cousin sister above.She has that grandeur, which makes her apart from normal women......This is her dress too. The color is 100% suiting to her personality, with her calm face........The bust level suited to her photograph....I wish she had life in her. The garlands makes her more live as though she is in a party.....envy of other women.....The beauty level on her face is no less than a star, who commands photographers to her flashing hundreds of continue.

Monday, October 12, 2015

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY....a preview....(post no.175)

WHAT can we presume here......yes STREET of the difficult tasks, though there is no dearth of pictures, but without emotions and treating it as a piece of art, there needs to be some qualities worthy of Street photography.

2. There is a classical style which is always associated with an era gone by. In 1960, earlier and a bit later the period was treated to be a golden time when a lot of photographers documented street cultures around the world. For example photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson and William Eggleston who captured American life in the mid 20th century, hv come to be regarded as the founders of street photography today.

3. Their style was largely documentary and characterized by striking a balance between form and subject, using camera as a way to document the social conditions of that time. 

4. There are styles defining street photography e.g. going close, depends upon ur subject's importance rather than more powerful bg.  Besides striking realism, there are chances to experiment producing truth in the form of blurs, shadows, silhouettes and reflections. It moves away from other documentary styles of photography that strive to be objective.

5. It may include various aspects, which u hv to take in consideration like abstracts, graphic style, patterns, structures, shadows, tones, textures, color, b&w. Angles do play a good role to achieve a good street photograph.....It depends mostly on the subject and ur satisfaction to  have a demanding effect. Exploring distinct cultures will give opportunity to have varieties to choose and shoot....................

6 The above shot is a good example of man's earning so moving on road, the items, the guy in curiosity and the movement of vehicles and other objects.

 Exposure under sun 1/80, f5.9, and ISO100......from my Canon.........................keep up and listen come.